Monday, January 7, 2013

My Newest Obsessions! Or This Is Not A Whiny Book Post!

Lavender! spray...I love it...I even have lavender cologne. Wait a lavender what little sweet elderly British ladies like to smell like...on their lacy antique handkerchiefs? I told you I read way too many mysteries!

This body lotion! smells like Pepperidge Farms Ginger Boy cookies! It's Origins Ginger Soufflé! It leaves our skin feeling silky...Den uses it, too.

My Kindle Paper White in its pink matches my IPad2 cover and was a surprise from is so small...I love it!

Lavender hand night I smell like a ginger lavender sandwich!

The Bachelor! Can't wait for the action and hissy fits, backstabbing and girl fights! Premier was last night.

Road trip! I have this idea that I want the three of us to head to Sarasota for a week in March. Lucy's bags are already packed!
I found this Old Sarasota! Key Lime Pie on a I come!

Major break through...not sure what I am going to read today...I don't care what I read today...I don't even care if I read's probably therapeutic for me to spend a day without a book!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I've decided to make an effort to wear some of my older jewelry again and now I've become newly obsessed with jewelry. I took some rings to be re-sized yesterday and found more rings I want. I think your obsession is cheaper than mine!

  2. I love lavender as you know. I sometimes wear that L'Occitane cologne but I always wear my hand lotion from Bath and Body works at night (

  3. Yayyyyyyy! Enjoy! OMG how cute is that pink house!

  4. I love wonderful scents....and now you should go to high tea! lol