Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Really Time For Soup!

We have sick people in our house...just look at him...coughing, sniffling, miserable...
and now I will add whiny, moody, grumpy...oh wait a minute...that's me!
I have the same anti sympathy gene that my sister has and my mom had. I will make my boy toy soup and tea and herbal concoctions...right now he is sipping herbal tea with wildflower honey, a lemon slice and cayenne pepper...but I don't want to hear how badly he feels...and I don't want to be next!

Homemade chicken soup is simmering away on the stove...ready to sip with orzo pasta.

A bean soup is simmering in the slow cooker...with these beautiful beans I found at Whole Foods. Aren't they pretty? And they stayed that color!

And guess what...the tea concoction is boy toy is a bit less stuffy!

Now books! I love my books! They save me!

Read this last night...I couldn't sleep and when I did I was awakened by snuffling...

So witchily delicious...I loved it.

Reading this now...British it, too!

Happy Sunday!

Stay healthy!


  1. Get out the Lysol and enjoy the soup!

  2. Hope Den feels better soon! Lots of things going around right now. Nice of you to make the soup and tea! Hope you don't get it!

  3. The soups always look so tempting...I want some! I need to get that crockpot....or else I'll keep buying Progresso canned soups! Stay well.

  4. Aww...poor Den. Wasn't he sick not long ago?

  5. Someone told me to keep a cut onion by the sick person and it will absorb the germs. I did it with the girl when she got hit with a tummy bug last week and I must say, she did get better.