Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Foggy Here!

Perhaps it's because we live so close to the pond...but...fog creeps me out...
everything looks gray and ghostly...oooooooh!

Monday...not a big fan of Monday...too much to do...tidying up from the week end...deciding what to Monday is my Thinking thoughtful day...the day I make a massive list of everything I want to do...and spend the rest of the week avoiding my list. Our new island is still in the builder's garage and I have changed my mind about the countertops 87 times...if you saw my house you would not see chaos...everything is organized...but I think that's the problem...I need to mess it all up to reorganize it...and I don't feel like doing am bin's far too easy to transfer something to a bin...label it...trudge it off to the basement and think about it later. Sigh!

I need to read these and I am excited to do so...

Happy Monday!


  1. O nice picks.

    I feel ya on Mondays. I always start off wrong (playing on the net). ;)

    1. Me, spite of needing to zip to the store...I am still sitting here sipping coffee!

  2. I need a thinking day! It's crazy warm here. I have a feeling we're not going to have a pretty spring because the trees are budding already.

  3. I hate that stage of having to make a bigger mess to clean up the mess! But sometimes it is necessary. :) Good luck!

  4. It's hard to be in the process of changing things....I recall that feeling when my house in the foothills was undergoing improvements...paint, electrical stuff, etc.

    Hope it works out for you...maybe your thinking will lead to an easy way to do it all.

  5. Ooooh....boooooo.....LOL....scaredy cat! Ha ha ha....

  6. I feel for you. Someone's been working on my bathroom for three months!!!

  7. I don't mind the fog- but I don't like to drive in it. I bet it gets very foggy near your pond. I change my mind a million tims during projects, too- or I can't make a decision to start with! My husband and I are both the same- so some decisions take us FOREVER! :) Hope you are having a wonderful week.