Friday, November 16, 2012

An Annoying Kind Of Week...Seriously...

I will never get used to the idea that I live in the land of many many many little stores. There is never a time when everything I need for the way I cook can be purchased at one spot! I could literally be out hunting and gathering every day!

Let's take today...we want this for dinner...we are staying in because we are going out to dinner tomorrow The House Of William And Merry...our new favorite place.

It is a Buffalo Chicken comes from a plane ride that The Pioneer Woman took where she didn't get this salad, dreamed about it and then made it once she got home.

So...when I was out yesterday I grabbed Frank's Hot I need to zip to Danny's for the chicken...and blue cheese...he is a cheese aficionado...then next door to The Produce Place where they make the best crispy lettuce mixes...and she might have her homemade caramel apples...with caramel so soft, thick, buttery and sticky that you can't believe how good it is! And celery that is local, Amish grown and crispy fresh!

Then there is a new Greek frozen yogurt place in town...the town near us is called The if I want yogurt I need to zip to The Burrough...see what I mean?

Books...bought these yesterday...
Scary fantasy...ooooh!
Ellen Potter wrote The Humming Room...which I loved!

Have a lovely Friday!
I will be zipping around town soon!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hair, Nails, Sleeping, Procrastination, Books!

I have this idea that I want a Katniss braid or any braid. This is where I am...still...I keep growing it and growing it and growing it and it's still no where near braiding length. Having hair even this long is exhausting...I have a lot of hair...I used to get keratin treatments and that made my hair smooth and sleek BUT they started to hurt/burn my scalp so I stopped for awhile. Now I have to fight my hair, flat iron it, wrestle with it and I still have frizzy fuzzies everywhere. This is my hair dilemma!

newly done but I am exhausted after wrestling with my hair before my nail appointment.

ever since the "fall way back" time change I am falling asleep before 10 and waking up wired at 4. The whole point of not teaching was to stay up late, read late into the night, and sleep in. I haven't seen the end to anything on TV since the time change. I am not a happy camper!

I put off Lucy's check up because I hate going to the vet...they consider her middle spite of her youthful glow...and they do everything to her...kitty blood pressure, blood work, Botox...just teasing...she huddles in my neck and is freaky scared...we are doing all of this on Tuesday! And she hates us for a long time! My poor baby!

reading this...really yummy!

I need a restorative nap!
Have a better Thursday than I am having!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday's Dilemmas!

Dilemma # 1...

Finished spite of all the buzz it was just so so so for me!

I think I need a YA break...
I need a shift to a really yummy English mystery? Decisions...decisions...decisions!

Dilemma # 2...dinner!

I have nothing here...I repeat nothing. I am thinking baked tacos...these are a fave...I use turkey and a homemade taco seasoning...Den loves these but I would have to get dressed...jammie bottoms and a long sleeved tee...slippers and wild hair...wild unwashed hair...won't do...and go out and buy all of the fixings...oh me oh my...the effort!
This photo is from Pinterest.

Dilemma # 3...

Look at this sweater! It is the sweater of my dreams! I want every color! I could live in this sweater most likely forever! Tights, boots...I will be ready for anything...Santa...hey Santa! Yo! Are you listening? It found me through Bluefly. If you have not shopped really should check it out. This collar can be a hoodie...OMG!

Happy to get dressed and go out to hunt and gather dinner!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Books, Sweaters, Boots, And Bread!

Finished this...really good...with just the right amount of funny/sad dysfunctional characters.

and this...extremely good...with just the right amount of moody dysfunctional YA characters.

Now reading this...with just the right amount of witchy characters.

Did you know that this is a very poncho kind of year? It is! I love poncho sweaters with jeans or them! Some of my favorites?

On to boots...I love Uggs...and I can't find any of mine...they are in the basement in a bin...Den moved and restacked all of the bins when we were in the hurricane...and since there are lots of bins and they are all blue...I can't find my boots! They are there but momentarily unobtainable!

Bread! I made this easy and so good! No fuss...actually fun!
This one is from alexandra's kitchen. She says her mom has made it for years.

I can not tell you how easy this was to make...literally took two bowls...and toast from this bread...yummy!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Monday! See My Books!

Ooh...this was a fun week for books...lots of books that I want to read popped up everywhere!

Here are some of my new favorites. They are a lovely mix of YA and fantasy and mystery.

I love werewolves...all the more to read about in The Better To Bite. You probably didn't know about my werewolf infatuation, did you?

Fantasy and an unusual princess...this one calls to me.

Old English mysteries? Love them, too. Plus...Jane Eyre is involved in this one!

A new author for me...thank you, Kathy!

I love Inspector Banks!

I love everything this author writes! Her slightly awkward characters mesmerize me.

Sometimes I really need sweet and sentimental...

But the best thing? These are all dated and recorded into my amazingly new and so far effective master plan for reviewing!

Happy Monday!

Sunday! Funday!

Sunday is a day of football, relaxation and food!

While Den is out picking up Sunday papers...I am prepping for homemade whole grain waffles and sausages from our favorite country grocer.

Den has warmed maple syrup on his...I can't eat waffles without Mrs. Butterworth's fake syrup. I hate anything maple. When I was little I ate pancakes with Karo sister still reminds me of this and it might just be the worst food issue I have ever had. It makes me ill to look at Karo syrup now...I don't even know what it is...but I love Mrs. Butterworth's...she is one heck of a syrup lady!

Dinner...Chicken hungry for this! This is an easy light recipe from EveryDay Foods.


Finished these...both really interesting and although I enjoyed them both...I did not love love love them.

Reading's YA and I am loving it right plan is to devour it today while I am enjoying football!

Happy Funday Sunday!