Saturday, June 30, 2012

Maine Memories!

Waking up in Portland, Maine...Lucy perusing the room service breakfast menu...wondering if it's too early for tuna!

She was very possessive over the remote!!!

Camden always so beautiful.

Harbormaster's house...the yellow one...the red one is ice cream and hot dogs!

Camden Library off in the distance.

I love trip you?

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scene Of The Crime!

This is why there is one long long longish piece of fringe on my chenille bedspread!!!

And I think this is how it started. CSI Kitty Agent Lucy noticing something different and then tugging, pulling, biting?

I wonder how long it will get and will it eventually pull all of the other fringes with it?

What to do? What to do?

Hmmm...I don't think kitties ever truly grow up...she has always been captivated by stringy things! It's why we can't put shiny bows on Christmas presents and have to remove curly ribbons from anything that enters her realm!


this one is so good...and it's normally everything I dislike in a book...ancient history, living in the 1590's, wearing weird clothes, drinking spiced wine...but it's just so much a part of this book...again...I love the seamless flow from Discovery Of Witches right into this one.

Love that it's Friday and almost the start of a holiday week!

It's supposed to be 98 degrees here today!


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Potpourri Of Books And Stuff!

Reading this...really loving it but I loved the first one, too, passionately. This one is from Edelweiss and Penguin...almost as addictive a site as NetGalley!
Deborah Harkness has seamlessly taken up where Discovery Of Witches stopped. I almost feel as though it has not been almost an entire year between them.

Yearning to make this...from a site called the DOUGHPUNCHER. It's a square coconut cream pie!

New love...Volatile Flip Flops...comfy, comfy, comfy! Tons of different styles...and again...comfy. I bought mine at Amazon. No shipping!
Honestly...really comfy.

Did not love this book...

Can't wait to read this...

Root beer? Summer makes me want one...icy cold over ice with a straw...this one is delicious!
Root beer floats?

Dinner tonight.
Muffin cup turkey meat loaves and local sweet corn!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well...There Are Always Bumps In The Road...And A Giveaway!

I am talking bumps because I don't want to call this a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad" day.

But...we forgot to water the plants that needed to be they went from beautiful to ugly in no time flat.

I was craving a toasted cheese sandwich and I didn't want to drive way far away so I bought cheese at the health food store and it was between the slices.
No toasted cheese for me...or do you say grilled cheese?

And let us not forget that the dress I wanted more than anything...was so big it wouldn't stay on...I looked ridiculous. Imagine this longer and looser...sigh!

I mailed it back and hit the post office on the postman's lunch hour. So I had to wait without a book for 15 minutes!
Sheer torture.

Books...finished and loved this.

Now reading this...yummy...almost done!

Later reading this.

Giving away a copy of this...thanks to the publisher...a sympathy comment and a way to contact you...and you are in!

Just jesting about the sympathy comment...sort of?

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Order Has Not Yet Been Restored!

We are still putting back the pieces from our roof adventure. It was supposed to lead to peace and happiness for the rest of the summer but so far it hasn't.

The schedule was the roof first, then repainting dormers and trim, then since the furniture was off of the deck anyway from the roof, the painters were going to power wash and restain the deck and be finished by the end of the week! This week! But rain has delayed the painters for up to three weeks so nothing is happening other than putting furniture back on one side of the deck so Lucy and I can read on the deck again!

I usually have flowers everywhere and I don't. Everything usually looks sweet and everything just looks ok. We haven't mulched or finished the garden or put out the summery things that we usually put out.


Very unsettling...

Now three more unfun brother has accepted a position in Saudi Arabia...I am having a difficult time with this...he is over the top excited. I have travelled tons with Dennis but overseas travel to me is England...Italy...France. Den has literally travelled the world for work and even he is having a hard time with this one. It's a 20 hour flight to get there from Texas...where my brother lives/used to live.
I am obsessed with reading expat blogs and looking at pictures of compounds.


we are not going to our favorite bistro...minutes away...for awhile...we had a horrible dinner there a few weeks ago...everything was wrong...and usually everything there is perfect.


I bought that dress I came yesterday...and it is huge...I slipped it on and it slipped itself off!

I hate returning things!!!

Finishing this in minutes if I would stop blogging...such a wonderful series!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Monday...It's Raining...Books!!!

My first normal Monday in a while and I am actually going to clean my house.
My mom would be so proud!
I am breaking out the Murphy's Oil Soap and I am going to wipe everything within
Still loving and reading this no obligation is a freeing feeling to read a book without owing anyone anything!

Books that sort of tumbled their way into my house last week...don't they look yummy? I am going to read them all...this week!

This is such a nice cozy week...Den is home, no one is pounding, nothing major has to be done. A nice respite until after the holiday.

Congratulations to Hira...she won World!!!

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