Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After Christmas!

We are in all day...reading, playing, making homemade meat sauce and is what we do the day after Christmas...we are gong to watch another movie...we saw Batman yesterday...

I think I love the day after Christmas even more than Christmas Day!

Hopefully you are enjoying your day!

My new family member!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Our nephew and I braved the mall, but only for a short time - it was too much for us.

  2. I've had a good day, too; a couple of the grandkids are staying over. My granddaughter had a gift card for one of the shops nearby and saved a ton of money buying after Christmas. She got several outfits.

    Now they're going to watch The Black Knight movie.

  3. Love the picture! I went to the mall to get shopping done for the people I see after Christmas. :)

    1. I do that, too! Less to do before Chrstmas!