Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Soon?

I can't wait...we are supposed to have a very snowy day tomorrow...snow angels and snow kitties are on my mind...this mid west lake effects snow girl...just loves snow!

Today...we are stocking up on a few things...Lucy and Den are off to the vet for their check up...Lucy...not Den...usually Lucy and I do this but somehow two things were scheduled at the same Den and Lucy are off to the poor sweet baby!

Reading for now...

Have a fun Friday!


  1. We are going to have lots of snow here tomorrow, too! I love The Snowy Day- such a great book that brings me right back to childhood. Hope the vet went well!

    1. Lucy is healthy...but we have to wait for bloodwork...she has to have her teeth cleaned...she is not going to like that!

  2. I'm already tired of snow and cold.

  3. Keep the snow up your way! We're whining down here because it only got up to 48 today.

  4. I loved A Snowy Day! And I can't wait to read Vanity Fare. Enjoy!

    Lucy looks like the best Christmas present ever....