Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Over The River...Really!

We were at my sister's house this week end...a 6 hour drive away...and really over a river! I grew up in the this small town where my sister still lives. We walked to everything in our town and everything we needed was there. I loved growing up there. The town was built because of a steel mill...USSteel which is now gone but it is sort of a bedroom community to other areas. Someone told me once that the high school in our town produces more doctors, teachers, and nurses than anywhere in Ohio because there is no other industry. Eventually more and more people move back there. At the present time there is not a lot anywhere if you want to build a house. There is an 11 acre parcel near the old mill owned by...yep...a retiring local doctor. Someone in my sister's husband's family wants to buy it...there is a house on the property and a natural gas well...it is being offered for a pittance...it's amazing...seriously. My sister's husband's family is filled with doctors...a staggering amount. They are all either living in our town or working to move back. So...my sister's house is the hub...we were just there for 2 nights but there were people there partying all of the time! Eating, talking, laughing, eating again...I don't know how my sister does it! But it was so much fun. Exhausting but fun!

I am posting a few photos of her collections...Santas and snowmen every where!


Piano Santas...

Fireplace Santas...

Hutch Santas...these doors belonged to our grandfather...I have two of them, too. Her husband made her a hutch...mine are still peely white and I have mine leaning with quilts on them.

Bookshelf Santas...

Front door Santas...

Dining room Santas...

Reading now...boarding school, angst and bad stuff happening...love this kind of book.

I am exhausted! Lucy is happy to have us back...she had a sitter but she didn't see us for one entire day...we still have an undecorated tree, packages to wrap, and cards to send...but this is a down day. I am staying put and catching up.

Do you have a lot to do this week? Happy Tuesday!


  1. I guess your sister loves Santas! Everything is lovely. Sounds like a blast.

    I am at work, but about to head up the first floor of the library to see what new books they've gotten in. Right before the holidays is my best chance at checking them out.

    1. It was fun...you will bring home great books!
      You have to be excited about being off! Enjoy!

  2. Oh she sounds awesome. Like the captain of the family.

    1. Juju...she is! Without my mom and dad...she is my home base!

  3. Wow! Cute Santas. :) Sounds like you guys had fun! :)

  4. I love your sister's decor...very homey and "country." What fun that you got to party a lot....that always puts me in a festive mood. Enjoy the days ahead!

  5. I love that your sister lives over the river and through the woods. :) Glad you got in a visit with her- and look at those decorations! Good luck getting all your Christmas decor ready!

  6. I love all the Santas!

    We live in an area of Ohio that used to run on steel mills, too.