Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Officially The Start Of My Favorite Season!

I can't do anything Christmassy until it is officially December and it is!

Decking halls, listening to holiday songs, pulling out the Christmassy bins!

Oh boy!

But first...dinner out and Hall And Oates...aren't I annoying with this? So sorry!

Happy first day of December! It's Red Hoodie time!


  1. We don't do any decorating, etc until December either. Things are so crazy right now I have no idea when it'll get done this year.

  2. Yes, indeed! 1st of fun is this month?! You thought of Hall and Oates...and I'm replying "Private eyes...watching you" soon as I took one glance ate sweet little Lucy in the red hoodie...and those 'eyes'!

  3. It's hard to believe it's Dec 1st - where did the year go? Have fun tonight - yes, I'm still very jealous!! Tell Daryl "Jane says "Hi" - he'll know who you mean, hehe!!

  4. Our Elf on the shelf showed up this morning. The kids were very excited!

  5. I'll be watching for your "decking the halls" photos....and eager to hear about the concert!

  6. Happy start of the Christmas season! I started getting my house ready- but I have to work on report cards, so I have to put my holiday decorating on pause (or I will never write my comments).

    I cannot wait to hear how the concert was. My husband and I are jealous. :)