Monday, December 17, 2012

I Loved Tempestuous!

My " in a nutshell" summary...

Miranda...schemer and creative thinker...has schemed herself into a punishment so horrible she can almost not bear it...she sells hot dogs at a fast food court at her local mall.

My thoughts after reading this book...

Hmm...a mall lock down due to a huge snow storm, sweet Geeky boys, Nerdy gamers, a home schooled new besty, mean girls, an ex boyfriend, a boy band impromptu concert, glitter and glue filled baggie warfare...are just a few of the hysterically funny events that take place during one evening at the mall! Did I mention a budding love interest, a surprising robber and deep fried hot dogs? And...seriously...I am just touching on the events of that night.


Miranda's status at her elite high school has been seriously downgraded from popular girl to pariah. A clever plan to pair studious students as tutors to popular not so studious students has back fired. She has lost her friends, her boyfriend and her freedom. To pay back her debt she is now working as a hot dog vendor at her local mall. The storm prevents everyone from leaving and while everyone is locked in...someone is robbing the mall's computer and jewelry stores. Crazy events ensue while Miranda comes up with a multitude of "sneaky plans and clever tricks" to get even with her old friends and catch the bad guy at the same time.

What I loved about this book...

The characters were my favorites in this book. They might have been a little over the top...for instance...ex besty Rachel's fear of Ariel...Miranda's new besty and co worker...steals a bunny from the pet store and places it in an elevator with Rachel...Rachel panics and the elevator shuts down. This plan is of course masterminded by Miranda. But the characters and their antics were fun. Their conversations were fun. And...there was a subtle hint of learning a lesson and doing the right thing and being more tolerant of each other. I liked that. Miranda had issues but I liked that she learned about true friendship and even did some real character building along the way!

What I did not love...

Hmmm...I think I enjoyed it was a fun clever book. The writing was spot on. I loved the book's fast pace. I engaged with the characters. I had fun!

Final thoughts...

I think this is a fun good book! I think it is probably appropriate for middle graders, too!
Great pacing and a lively plot makes it a must read!

Happy Monday!

We are driving home from Ohio right now...we have been at my sister's for a lovely visit. This includes caroling, food and imbibing of holiday drinks! My sister's house is the holiday happening house for friends and family! It has been a lively weekend!


  1. Wow, Ohio! And driving, too. Road trips can be a lot of fun...hope you're enjoying yourselves.

    1. I say food? Lol...home now safe and sound!

  2. Sounds like a fun book! I used to live in Ohio from age 2-5 and my family would stop back and visit every year on our way out to Minnesota to see my mom's family. We didn't live in a super small town- but a place where all the neighbors got together and had parties and fun. :)