Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I think that I am not going to read anything else that I am supposed to read until January...I just don't care and I really don't feel like it...I am not writing reviews or stressing over timelines. I don't feel like it!

It's the holidays!

I want to look at our tree and wrap presents and sit quietly and think about my mom and dad and how my dad loved Christmas and decorating and his kids.

I want to read what I want to read...whenever I want to read it. Hurray!
I have read over 180 books this year...isn't that enough?

We have movies to go to and traditions to keep and baking to do and menus to plan!
It's time to chill...

And we still have a bare tree and no candles in the windows!

The trip to Ohio made us postpone decorating the tree...then Den left for two days...oh me oh my!

Den has been away for a company event...his vacay officially starts when he walks in the door tonight with Mexican food!

And he will take off a few days in January...for movies when everyone is back in school!

Today I am wrapping presents and reading Dare Me...thanks, Kathy!

But...right now...I am snuggled in bed with coffee and the book I want to read! Feels yummy!

Our holiday front door! That darn pink thing is my IPad cover! Sorry! I was outside in my jammies this morning taking that photo!


  1. Enjoy all that is Christmas while you can, my friend. Be merry!

    1. Thanks these sad times we need some beauty and joy!

  2. I hear ya! I just got back from my mom's yesterday and am still trying to catch my breath.

    1. Let's have a sit in? Sit down? Whatever...I have some plainting to do!

  3. If not now, when can we read what we want? Luckily the book I'm reading now is one I bought just for me (Windfall, and it's delicious!); so even though I'll review it afterwards, it's not on anyone's time table but mine.

    I only have one more review book to read before the holidays. I just got it yesterday. Hope it's a page turner!

    Enjoy your cozy day!

  4. Glad you are taking this time for you! It is important to read what you want and not stress during this time. Happy reading!