Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why I Am Incapable Of A Reading Plan!

Finished this...I had no clue that I was going to read was on the top of my real book review I grabbed it...finished it just was sad, spiritual, fantastic...I loved it!
I am still thinking about it...I am trying to snag a copy to giveaway so I will chat more about this on Friday!

Reading this...yummy...based loosely on Alice In Wonderland...

Although my reading plans pretty much bite...I did make a schedule of all egalleys that I have and the dates they expire...this is my outline...and in between these I am reading all of my real books for review...those sent in surprise and my Amazon Vine ones...the only books I should not read right now are my own...the ones I still buy for me...I really shouldn't read any of my own books until Valentine's Day!
But I will cheat for sure!

What really helped was the books that expired during the hurricane and the ones I lost when my reader crashed...

Kind of a good thing!

Off to buy noms for dinner...we are supposed to get snow! This afternoon!
Lucy and I have hoodies ready...the second the first snow hits...we are heading outside...

Happy Snowy Wednesday?


  1. Snow? I'm heading to the beach tomorrow. I'm incapable of following a reading plan too.

  2. I can't plan either. I'm too emotional for that.

  3. I have no reading plan lately. I have a list that I keep of the review copies I have and their respective publication dates and that is what I use to remind myself of what needs to come next. Right now? I really need to read Because you Have To, Phantom and Swimming Home.

  4. I understand. Lucy looks adorable! :)
    Every day is different, traveling with Bill the Trucker! I layer. We were in Cleveland with sleet & snow one day...then in OK and almost 70 another day! Weird.

  5. Your reader crashed? Was it your Kindle? Are the books lost forever? So sad....

    Lucy looks rather suspicious, as if she's not sure about the upcoming snow.

  6. It's more fun to read when the spirit grabs you, isn't it? otherwise it's too much like work. Although not bad work, really. I'd be happy to read all day long, interspersed with a little physical activity.

  7. We got a lot of snow here! Over 5 inches! I am glad the first book was so good and the new book is so interesting. May all the books be good ones! :)