Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Stuff Or Animal News!

First of all...there is a bald eagle in our yard by the pond! Our neighbors put a huge raw turkey by the pond and in two eagle swooped to it!

And a fox was barely a few feet from me when I was getting mail on Saturday! Not sure if that is good or bad...I said hi and he just stopped and kind of looked at me! I think in a friendly sort of way...hmmmm...

And Lucy has a new pink hoodie!

Happy Sunday and the end of my animal news...for now!


  1. It sounds like you live in the middle of a nature preserve!

    1. I know...I don't know what's up lately...the fox is like a friend!

  2. Ooh...nice news! Lucy looks ready to rock. I don't thing I've ever seen her so alert and ready for action in a new outfit before. Pink becomes her...You go, girl! Lol...

  3. When I lived in the foothills, we had foxes and coyotes...and lots of vultures. No eagles, though.

    I just finished an e-book you might like, Patty; it is called Slightly Cracked, by Susan Whitfield. The characters live near a pond, and part of the story has to do with the "goose problem" they deal with. It's also about women experiencing menopause and those frustrations and issues. A funny story. (Not that that part of the story is relevant for

  4. You have seeen some exciting animals! I haven't seen either of those at my house! My mother-in-law's house is a good plac eto spot interesting wildlife. We saw a bobcat there recently. Enjoy your views- and Lucy looks cute!