Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday! Funday!

Sunday is a day of football, relaxation and food!

While Den is out picking up Sunday papers...I am prepping for homemade whole grain waffles and sausages from our favorite country grocer.

Den has warmed maple syrup on his...I can't eat waffles without Mrs. Butterworth's fake syrup. I hate anything maple. When I was little I ate pancakes with Karo sister still reminds me of this and it might just be the worst food issue I have ever had. It makes me ill to look at Karo syrup now...I don't even know what it is...but I love Mrs. Butterworth's...she is one heck of a syrup lady!

Dinner...Chicken hungry for this! This is an easy light recipe from EveryDay Foods.


Finished these...both really interesting and although I enjoyed them both...I did not love love love them.

Reading's YA and I am loving it right plan is to devour it today while I am enjoying football!

Happy Funday Sunday!


  1. Ha-ha....your mention of Karo syrup brought up all these memories of my childhood, too. We always had waffles on Sunday, and my father had Karo. I tried it, but wasn't really fond of it. I liked Aunt Jemima's...these are syrups that I haven't even seen in ages.

    Now I usually use a sugar free maple syrup.

    Chicken Parmesan? Yummy....

    I love the cover on Splintered and I'm really curious about it.


  2. Funny! I don't like much maple either. It's too sweet for me. I prefer some butter and a dusting of sugar. Ok lots of butter.

  3. Okay besides the good books you had some fabulous food! The waffles look yummy. I love Mrs. Butterworth too! YUM!

  4. I prefer the fake stuff on my pancakes as well. I like Aunt Jemima though!

  5. I can never find Aunt Jemima's here!