Thursday, November 8, 2012

Odds And Ends!

My sister Paula is in London...vacay with her husband...she looks cold!

My brother John is in London, too...he will live there for 9 months!
Exactly 1/2 of my siblings are in London!
I find that so funny!
Now...look at's on a site called Inhabit...I want this bubble...wouldn't it be a perfect reading spot? Outside, bug free, and cozy! I really want this!

And...I organized every review book I have today...everything is recorded and dated so that I know what I am doing! It's time to get serious about this...sort
I have two more pages like this...pages and pages of dates and egalleys and real books!
Oh me oh my! What have I done?

Look at this! Right here! Neatly stacked books! Ready for reviews! Dated and doable!

The books that just appeared! Categorized under "someday".

There is really a method to my madness...books that I need to review are that there really is time to read some of my own between! I think this is really going to work...I have sort of been loosely doing it for the last two weeks...and if a book is's gets reviewed late...or not at all. I am over the excitement and I have way too much to read.

I feel...very organized?

Tonight is Nostalgia Dinner Night!

Sloppy Joes!

These are from Simply Recipes. My mom made hers from scratch and these are similar to hers. We are having oven fries...sweet and white potatoes and Vlasic sweet baby gherkins...this menu is set in stone!
Maybe pudding!

Off to read...must stay on my feels so good to be this organized...unless something happens to mess me preorders or a tempting galley...not looking...not even looking!

What is your go to Nostalgia Dinner?


  1. London is a kind of wacky place. Where was that bubble when I was there?! I used to do a handwritten list like that. I'd better get back to that. Thanks for reminding me. Is that an actual pic of a sandwich you made? It looks delish!

  2. I think the bubble would cause me to quote Bubble Boy the movie allot.

    London! Awesome!

  3. Your sister does look cold! Can't believe half of your siblings are in London. I want that bubble, too. It looks so fun and cozy. My mom always made sloppy joes growing up. You must feel good now that you organized. Good luck with all that reading!

  4. Oh, I love Sloppy Joes....and an attempt to organize things! I say "attempt," because sometimes I think I'm in denial about my organizational plan: "If I visualize it, it will happen."

    I also love pot roast as a nostalgia (and comfort) food.