Friday, November 9, 2012

I Think I Finally Figured It Out!

I am now reading this...just because I want to! Look at this yummy cover! It is filled with many many totally dysfunctional characters! I am reading this absolutely positively guilt free! I am doing a very happy dance! I don't have a review due until Nov. 18th! It actually helped me to organize books and date them. I don't know why I didn't do this before. Oh yes...wait a minute...I know why...I was too unorganized...too irresponsible...too excited about books to tackle this in a responsible matter. But...not any more! This book is a family book and has started off really wonderfully. It reminds me just a bit of The Three Weissman's Of Westport and I loved that book.

Last night night! I have a tidy little stack of for this restaurant...Moro...we have never been there before and it was fun!
I liked the feel...the atmosphere...the vibe of Moro's...and it has small plates! I love small plates...we had house made mozzarella with stuff on it, I had yummy fried oysters on top of greens and avocado...Den had foie gras...then he had lamb...a rack in fact...for dinner...while I had another small plate of gnocchi with cauliflower. It was perfection until we opted for dessert. We rarely do dessert and if we do we split...but not last night. Den had chocolate pecan pie with house made vanilla gelato and I had a s'mores good but way too much. We were expecting small bites again but...dessert was a BIG BITE! A really big bite of yumminess! Plus my Groupon was $30.00 for $60.00. Pretty cool, right?

Happy Saturday!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh no...we don't have Sweet Jacks!

  2. Looks and sounds like a great book, and awesome savings! Never heard of 'groupons'...and I'm a 'thrifter'. Is it just for restaurants? which I don't frequent that often. We have too many cooks in the family that's always whipping up something:)

  3. I'm not sure where to get Groupons...but I know you've mentioned them before. I do love saving money!

    And I love small plates, too.

  4. I have never used a Groupon! This sounds like a great deal and it looks so yummy!