Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hair, Nails, Sleeping, Procrastination, Books!

I have this idea that I want a Katniss braid or any braid. This is where I am...still...I keep growing it and growing it and growing it and it's still no where near braiding length. Having hair even this long is exhausting...I have a lot of hair...I used to get keratin treatments and that made my hair smooth and sleek BUT they started to hurt/burn my scalp so I stopped for awhile. Now I have to fight my hair, flat iron it, wrestle with it and I still have frizzy fuzzies everywhere. This is my hair dilemma!

newly done but I am exhausted after wrestling with my hair before my nail appointment.

ever since the "fall way back" time change I am falling asleep before 10 and waking up wired at 4. The whole point of not teaching was to stay up late, read late into the night, and sleep in. I haven't seen the end to anything on TV since the time change. I am not a happy camper!

I put off Lucy's check up because I hate going to the vet...they consider her middle spite of her youthful glow...and they do everything to her...kitty blood pressure, blood work, Botox...just teasing...she huddles in my neck and is freaky scared...we are doing all of this on Tuesday! And she hates us for a long time! My poor baby!

reading this...really yummy!

I need a restorative nap!
Have a better Thursday than I am having!


  1. I got my hair cut today and halfway through my appointment, my stylist's adult son came in, sat down, and started chatting with us. I found it all rather odd since I don't know him.

    I hated taking Milou to the vet when she got older too. When they take blood for the senior wellness exams in dogs, they take it out of their jugular veins - who wouldn't hate having that done to them?

  2. I remember when your scalp was burning the morning of that fabulous shower you had
    for me! I was so afraid you weren't going to be able to go! My hair is longer than I ever had it and you are right, it's exhausting. Is the
    Katniss braid the fishtail braid thats on the side? I keep seeing it on celebrities and in magazines and I want it. It's kind of messy but really pretty and romantic looking??

    1. Mo...I sent you a note on FB! Did you get it?

  3. Poor Lucy! Leave us older gals alone I say ;)

    OMG I am SO with you on hair.
    I have long curly hair and ever since I've had the baby it's been getting shorter and shorter. I just don't have the patience for it.

    FAB nails!

    1. Thanks...I love my nails...they have little sparkles in them!

  4. Good luck with the hair growing. I can relate to the frizzy hair! Mine is frizzy unless I fight it too- and most days before school I have no desire to try to tame it. Nails look fab!

  5. Well for me, having frizz free hair all comes down to the blow dry. I have to leave the house with my hair bone dry, or the frizz comes out so it's worth the extra three minutes to make sure it's really dry. Plus, I use a really good hair spray to seal it all in.

  6. Wow. Your hair really grew. I love that shot of Lucy. Sooo...cutttteee!!

  7. Oh, I know what you mean about that! I have been falling asleep very early...and here I am, up at 5 a.m., just like when I had that "career."

    I still haven't watched Grey's Anatomy, which was on at 9 last night. DVR time!

    I have the opposite problem with hair. It is too fine and I have to use all kinds of products...and sometimes it looks okay, but usually only when my stylist does it!

    I'm trying to grow mine out, too.

    Poor Lucy....

  8. Patty, I don't see any frizz in your looks healthy, shiny, and for growing your hair, mine grows way too fast, and once it touches my shoulders I run to the hairdresser to cut 2 inches off, or just pin it up until I can get it trimmed. As for frizz, I'm always fighting it!

    Love your pretty nail polish color!
    Poor Lucy...I can sympathize with her. Prince used to be petrified of the vet, they had to give him a shot to calm him before even examining for Mush, she is so easy to deal with; never any issues with her!