Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Books...Beautiful Books!

Oh me oh my...I love my reading schedule...for now...lol...and...I love this week...it is sort of a free week...a breather...before life gets very Christmassy! Ho...ho...ho!

And we have tickets to a Hall And Oats concert! Yum! Have you ever watched Live At Darryl's house? You need to...so good!

Plus there is a hint of snow here...I love snow! It's all around but not here yet and...it better get here! I want snow!

Still thinking about this book and still craving red hots! But I don't want them in a box...I want to pick them on Edna's Candy Farm! I wouldn't mind gathering a few chocolate eggs, either! Don't forget to comment on Monday's post for a chance to win this book!

The author has a lovely blog, too...http://thedoorinthesky.com.

Reading this now...this must be my week for candies and cupcakes. This book is delightful...sweet...fun...family angst...and a chance for romance!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Enjoy the concert. I loved Hall and Oats back in the day!

  2. So jealous :D I watch 'Live From Daryl's House' all the time! LOVE him - he's like a fine wine - getting even better with age.

  3. I used to love Hall and Oates too! I think my life is going to be crazy until after the new year.

  4. Oh, great music awaits you! Enjoy...and I love the look of that book Babycakes.

  5. Yes, you are having a good week! Enjoy! I just got home, and am playing Catch-Up!

  6. How fun that you are seeing Hall and Oats. Live at Darryl's House is one of my husband's favorite shows. We watch it all the time. Happy reading!