Friday, November 16, 2012

An Annoying Kind Of Week...Seriously...

I will never get used to the idea that I live in the land of many many many little stores. There is never a time when everything I need for the way I cook can be purchased at one spot! I could literally be out hunting and gathering every day!

Let's take today...we want this for dinner...we are staying in because we are going out to dinner tomorrow The House Of William And Merry...our new favorite place.

It is a Buffalo Chicken comes from a plane ride that The Pioneer Woman took where she didn't get this salad, dreamed about it and then made it once she got home.

So...when I was out yesterday I grabbed Frank's Hot I need to zip to Danny's for the chicken...and blue cheese...he is a cheese aficionado...then next door to The Produce Place where they make the best crispy lettuce mixes...and she might have her homemade caramel apples...with caramel so soft, thick, buttery and sticky that you can't believe how good it is! And celery that is local, Amish grown and crispy fresh!

Then there is a new Greek frozen yogurt place in town...the town near us is called The if I want yogurt I need to zip to The Burrough...see what I mean?

Books...bought these yesterday...
Scary fantasy...ooooh!
Ellen Potter wrote The Humming Room...which I loved!

Have a lovely Friday!
I will be zipping around town soon!


  1. You're lucky to have all those small shops!

  2. I like to shop that way though. Small is good. I hate having to go to a huge market and then feel like such a loser when I get overwhelmed by the limited choices yet there is stuff everywhere. I don't need 27 different kinds of mayo to choose from. Just the best. LOL.

  3. It sounds nice to me to have all the small shops. Here we have the big chains and only one wonderful little Italian grocery store.

  4. Ooooo I want that book! I've been eyeing it.

  5. I love The Kneebone Boy! I was so tickled to get a signed copy of the book from the author. I have to get to The Humming Room. Glad to hear its good!

  6. I would be very frustrated at having to visit so many places...I like one-stop shopping! lol

    I get annoyed if I have to visit Target AND the supermarket.....

    Your dinner should be lovely, though. Enjoy!

  7. The little stores do sound tiring! Some days it is probably okay- but others...

    I love the cover of The Kneebone Boy!

  8. Patty, I'm with you; I just love the little shops to pick up special things I need. We have all sorts of specialty 'mom and pop' shops around here, just minutes away...I usually just park my car in one of the parking spots and walk around checking things out...even just window shopping, feeling like a 'tourist' in Palm Beach!
    Have a wonderful Sunday:)