Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Magical Fantasy And A Giveaway!

The Door In The Sky
Sandy Klein Bernstein

My "in a nutshell" summary...

Hmmm...a boy and his sister, stars, clouds, a really meanie bully wintery witch and her shadowy assistant, an old sorcerer and his adventure and a quest...oh...did I mention that it is funny? I definitely need to mention that it is funny!

My thoughts after reading this book...

I was sort of swept into this mesmerizing world...of sky and stars and clouds and magic! I loved this book from its opening fascinating prologue. But...what is there not to love about a book that allows you to be carried off into an entirely different world...especially if a star named Shimmer and his sidekick Twink are doing the carrying!

Ricky and his older sister Allie are spending the night under the stars at a planetarium when two wise and patient...the other not so wise and not so patient...stop the entire present world to bring them to another world...Ricky by invitation and Allie by accident. This is just the beginning of their adventure. I love that this story is just a bit complex. There is a reason for Ricky and Allie's selection and it took most of the sorry to figure out. Their trip to Galdoren is filled with adventure, danger, and candy! There are good guys vs bad guys...the good guys would be almost everyone except for the mean witch who is trapped in this world of winter...and her shadowy dark and dangerous accomplice and perhaps the goblins...well...most definitely the goblins.

There is Edna's candy farm...did you know that you need to wear salamander heat proof boots to pick exploding red hots? Break dancing cows give milkshakes? Stick on invisible pockets can hide anything? And so much more...I loved this book. I read it slowly and on and off all week end to make it really truly last! The danger in this book just grows and grows. The evil witch is deliciously evil...the good witches are amazing in their strength their goodness. What's yummy about this book is the bad vs good stuff...just when you think one of the good guys is down and out...pretty much forever...something wondrous and magical comes along to help out...just a bit!

What I loved about this book...

I truly loved how good the good guys were. Henry the magician's apprentice and King Shevre and Shimmer and Serena and the other good witches. I loved the silliness of Twink. I loved that he was a star...a twinkling star...I loved the way Allie took care of her brother. I thought this book was complex...sort of multilayered and I loved that. I loved how loyalty and family won out in the end...but...I also loved the way this book ended...the evil ones not quite extinguished and a teaser of more to come in Book 2!

What I didn't love...

Ok...when it comes down to one can love goblins, sinister shadows and a one eyed witch in a winter kingdom...especially one as irritating as Queen Glacidia...yechhh!

Final thoughts...

I found this book to be a lovely interesting out of this word adventure. I hate putting an age range on it. Perhaps middle grade readers or young strong readers or a great readaloud for younger readers. Or just a fun ride for anyone with a love of fantasy!
This is a book to savor and enjoy.

Thanks to the author I have one magical copy to giveaway...just comment and I will a winner on Friday!

Happy Monday!


  1. This book sounds like one I would love! I love the worls you described and I have added this to my list. :)

  2. Count me in! Sounds good! I need to relax! 5 weeks living in a semi, learning trucking, no Internet...just got home! I am so far behind...*sigh*