Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Lovely Book Plus A Winner!

Look at this lovely book! I started it...settled in with it...and had to put it down! I cried during the opening pages when the beautiful dog tipped over his water bucket and had no water! For days! I can't do's beautiful and lovely and I think there is a happy ending but...I can't see War Horse and I can not read this book! Look at this dog's eyes...big and sad and soulful! I can not read animal books! I am incapable!

So...I say that and then I pick up this one from Amazon Vine...the opening pages are about a baby being dropped into tall grass and a mother coyote finds the baby and since her babies were killed by a trapper...she rescues this baby! So...I was crying over this one, too. I can't win...and I wasn't crying for the baby either...the mother coyote loves the baby...I was crying for the coyote's pups!

Stephanie! You are the winner of this! You are a very lucky duck!

Happy Friday!
I am hours away from singing along with Hall & Oates...I hope I can contain myself!


  1. The books must be well written if they made you cry.

    Congratulations Stephanie!

  2. Have fun at the concert! And congrats to Stephanie.

  3. I feel you on those animal stories. I will read them but I cry the whole time. I have a Christmas-themed book on cats and I read the pitiful parts over and over again, torturing myself. *shaking my head* Pathetic!

  4. Yeah! I am so excited to have won! I think the book sounds like such fun and I cannot wait to read it! Thanks so much!

    The first book looks like it will have a happy ending- but I can understand it can be hard to read through those sad parts. Little Wolves sounds like a fascinating story.

    Hope the next book is a little happier for you. :)