Friday, November 9, 2012

A Fabulous Contest For You...My Lovely Friends!

I loved this book! It was sad, sweet, heartbreaking, thought provoking, amazing, and made me think about this whole life after death thing in a totally different way. It is also about choices, forgiveness and love. is a beautifully written magnificent fantasy! I loved the time I spent reading this book! Clicking on my Goodreads widget will take you to my complete review.

Thanks to James...the author and Katie...Penguin Books...I have a lovely copy to giveaway. Just comment and make sure I can find you! I will end it next Friday.

Just one more Booklist Blurb about the book!

And one amazing note about the author...I had no clue that he lives near me! He has even offered to speak to my book club...and now I am kicking myself that I don't have one! Friends of mine have one and they are always asking me to join and I always say no...they meet in the afternoon and my idea of a book club is nights with wine and cheeses. So...a missed opportunity...but I am coming up with a plan!

Even though authors are my rock stars...I have assured him that I am normal and calm...but who knows...I could run into him at Starbucks or the apple cider doughnut place or even at the ladies who randomly bake French bread! I shall be keeping my eyes open!

Happy Friday!


  1. Hi there, the November edition of Books You Loved is now live. Here is the link Books You Loved November Edition Please do pop by and link in a post about a book you loved. Maybe this one? Cheers

  2. How would u ever have time for a book club? You're your own book club! Lol...

  3. What an interesting book this looks like....and, like you, my idea of a great book club would also include wine and cheeses! lol

    1. choices for book club members are scattered all over the country!

  4. I have seen several reviews of this book and it looks fabulous. Can't wait to read it!


  5. This book sounds really intriguing. Thanks for sharing- I definitely want to check it out! Cool that the authors going to speak at your book club! It's so funny, because authors are like my rock stars too- there are only a few out there that I would turn to jelly in front of- J.K., Neil Gaiman, Suzanne Collins ~ Jess

  6. We're kind of like your book club.... in a non face-to-face kind of way.
    Such a great recommendation for a book. Sometimes I just need something filled with hope and beauty.

    nrlymrtl at gmail dot com

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  8. How exciting that he lives near you! My book club meets at night- or in the afternoon and we usually meet at a vineyard. If only you lived closer! Sounds like a great book!

    Also- I got the book that I won from you (from the author) this week. Thanks!