Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Thursday Edition Of Stuff I Want!

This bag...a cross body bag...perfect for hands free shopping!

Inside...ooh la la...I love me a bag with compartments! This bag is from Sundance and comes in two colors.

These very baggy sweats from Wild Fox...I just want the bottoms.

This tunic/tee from Free People.

This Rachel Pally tunic/tee.

These mug warmers from Etsy!

This kitty painting from Etsy!

Whew...and this square pumpkin from Etsy.

And...thinking ahead...a turkey stamp! Also from Etsy.

Reading this...

and this.

I am a woman of few words and lots of pictures today!


  1. We could SO shop together and I really don't say that to many people. How much is that gorgeous bag?

  2. Big love for that bag! I also really like the tunics and I love the mug warmers! I wonder if I could make those. . .

  3. I don't have the confidence to pull off wearing those clothes.

  4. I absolutely adore big bags with compartments! And I'm really curious about The Drowning House.

  5. I love the tunic- it looks cozy and trendy. I think the mug warmers are adorable. Can't wait to hear about the books!

  6. OMG those mug warmers! Adorable.

    Bags with compartments are KEY.

  7. I've been staying up so late at night...just pinning, and pinning...looks like my next post will have to be from pinterest. I have my own collection of bags on pinterest called: 'bag lady'...isn't it just too 'crazy?'...I came up with the title as I created my board! Love those bags you posted!