Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday...Fun day!

It is such a lovely Fall Day here! We were sipping coffee on the deck...listening to birds, watching the vultures on our neighbor's roof and talking to a squirrel who wanted to sit on the deck with us! This is the across the pond view...those two structure were the dairy farmer's house and barn...

This is another view from our deck...the house way back there was the model home for our is the first house we saw when we were first moved here...and after looking at a million others...what we ended up building...

The dairy barn was white when we first moved here...we always wish we would have bought it! We are short sided when it comes to seeing things as they can came with 2 acres...and has this lovely long driveway...oh well...

When the barn was white...artists would come and sit by the pond and paint it. This was painted by our friend and neighbor...J.Wayne Bystrom. It is really lovely and almost everyone on our street owns it. I taught his children when they were in 2nd grade. Don't you just love this painting? It's exactly how the barn looked when we first moved here...including the spring house. to read...hopefully everyone is enjoying a relaxing Sunday!


  1. I'm not good at visualizing how things can look either. Your neighborhood sounds fascinating.

  2. Don't feel bad. You have a very lovely home. I adore it! Is that painting of the actual barn across the way?

  3. I've always loved houses created out of other structures. I read a book once called The Enchanted Barn, about a family that converted a barn into a house.

    And I converted my detached three-car garage in the foothills into a guesthouse. It was just down the hill from my A-frame main house. We enjoyed that for many years.

  4. What's that sliver of pink in each shot?