Sunday, October 7, 2012


Sunday means...The Philadelphia Inquirer...Den...the New York Times...Patty...heated kitty bed...Lucy!

All three of us will be in our spots in the family room...Den and Lucy are in big red comfy chairs...I am on the sofa...we all have cozy quilts and pillows everywhere...and some of us take naps before football starts. Not me...the other two do.

But Sunday is a carefully planned day...first comes a big we are having cheesy grits and eggs...bacon...probably...2 or 3 cups of coffee...then...for dinner...chili...a new recipe topped with sour cream, grated cheese and tortilla chips...and in the middle of the day I am making Queso Dip...with more chips...yum!

This recipe came from SweetPea'sKitchen.

Football does not entertain me at all but I can read while Den and Lucy hoot, holler and run around the house. Den will try...yet engage me but I have mastered the art of saying...great play and love those!

Decked out in matching Bronco gear!

My plan is to finish this book...which I love more and more with each page read.


Go Bronco! Go Eagles! I think they are both playing today!

Happy Sunday!


  1. We had another bad football day yesterday. This just isn't going to be our season. A nap right about now sounds good to me.

  2. Your cozy Sunday sounds wonderful! My newspapers go in a big basket, too. Love baskets!

    And love your menu....

    I am still reading More Than You Know, watching movies (People Like Us), and taking a nap.

    Enjoy! Love how Lucy and Den are garbed in matching outfits.

  3. You drink 2-3 cup of coffee in one meal? That must be a big caffaine kick. Your Sunday sounds so relaxing :)

  4. Love your cozy the menu, and have a 'big smile' looking at the matching Bronco gear of Den and Lucy!

  5. Haha I love the sound of your Sunday! I'm a big fan of the Sunday Times..and the crossword puzzle. :P

    I'd probably take my nap DURING the game.

  6. My husband and dog were settled in in front of the tv for football yesterday too, rooting for the Steelers.

    1. It's so funny the way Ohio sort of claims the Steelers and my part of PA is all about the Eagles!

  7. LOL...Lucy is such a good sport. That chocolate cake looks so yummy! My mom used to use that icing too :-)