Monday, October 22, 2012

Staycation...Day One!

Lucy enjoying her far.

At the almost very last minute we cancelled our trip to Maine. We are asking ourselves why...when we love Maine so much!

But...we didn't feel like leaving our house...we didn't feel like packing...we didn't feel like moving the birds to our friend's house...we didn't feel like driving for seven hours.
Lucy did not feel like being in her doggie crate for 7 hours...often sharing her opinion with us about being in her doggie crate for 7 hours. Loudly...and did I say often?

It feels as though we just got back from Colorado and Den has been traveling nonstop...hopping on a plane every Monday. He is exhausted and we still have trips in November and December.

So...we aren't even sad about our feels good to stay home. We are either going to take the train to Washington or NYC...overnight for lunch or dinner or go to the aquarium in Baltimore...or to the aquarium in New Jersey...movies...out to lunches and though we are on vacation...and lots of walks!


Reading, warm, an opposites attract kind of book...I love it!

Have a great Monday!


  1. I could have taken your place in Maine. Enjoy your week with Dennis!

  2. Nice.
    I love how you guys travel so much.
    I'm sure it's time for a stay home one.

  3. And here is another picture with a mysterious pink half moon thingy in the corner.

    So you did stay home? It rained here!

  4. I really loved Grace Grows....and I hate packing so much that I haven't traveled anywhere for three years, I think.

    Enjoy your Stay-cation.

  5. Are the trips in Nov and Dec for work or for fun? It sounds like you and Den are just a whirlwind of activity. I didn't have a clue about what "Staycation" was until I read Laurel-Rain's comment! LOL...I'm a little slow makes me want to bite her...Too cute!!!! Argh!!!!