Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smartypants Geese!

We are overrun with geese! I love them but they land, fight, swim, fight, fly away, fake fight, fly away...only to come back again. The pond is a sea of feathers...even the flock that lives here seems to huddle closer to our deck and look at the intruders with shock and awe!

Oh me oh my!

Our house is so close to the pond that we hear every little feather rustle.

We have sometimes tried gentle ways to try keep them off of all of our yard...scarecrows...worked for five line tied to stakes to force them to land elsewhere...they learned to walk around them. Our neighbors have coyote cutouts in their yard...the geese sleep next to them...we had those beribboned twirly things...the geese seemed to like them.

Oh my goodness!

Platoons, battalions, herds, and flocks of heavy ungainly geese fill the sky and land off and on pretty much all day long. I usually don't even notice them any more...but this week I am being forced to notice them because of someone else commenting on them nonstop. This someone else moans, groans, comments and runs outside to chase them away. And researches other ways to move them out of the yard...all of which I veto vehemtly.


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Happy Thursday!


  1. Well, now I know how Dennis is spending his staycation. I like to watch the geese, but they sure do make a mess.

  2. I don't like birds. Especially big birds.

  3. I can't stand geese. They leave to much nasty poop all over the place. Yuck. There was a flock near my previous job and you could barely walk. They had contaminated everything. Double yuck.

    A little late to the Hunger Games movie, aren't we dear? Hee hee hee...

  4. I'm not a fan of birds swooping, flying, or anything at all...when I hear a bird on my patio, I am annoyed and sometimes nervous. Now that it's cooler, I won't have my windows open as much.

    I know that geese are more elegant than some birds, but I still think of that old movie The Birds whenever I see the feathered friends doing anything!

  5. There's not a whole lot you can do about's 'nature' and wherever there's a pond there's sure to be ducks, geese, and birds. They don't bother me, as long as they're not in my back yard...(well, I don't have a back yard in 'condo' living)
    How would you like to have cute little snakes, and huge green lizzards hanging out in your back yard?...and possums at night lurking around your back door? (scene from my daughter's house)