Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh Me Oh My!

I am trying hard to forget that a nightmarish hurricane is heading right towards us!
Doesn't it look like an ear? We are where the bad stuff hits at 10:30 at night on Sunday.
I am wondering if I can put on headphones and sit in a corner until it all goes away?

Anyway...I am reading this...or trying get me through this chaos...mysterious, thrilling, scary...good!

Happy Saturday!


  1. The book you are reading has a fabulous cover! I hope the headphones will help. The storm does look like an ear and I hope it skips your area or ends up going out to see. We are bracing for it up here in CT. I am supposed to go to a teacher's conference/course on Tuesday in NYC- but it looks like it will be cancelled due to the weather (or we won't be making the trip from CT- too dangerous). Good luck and keep us posted.

  2. They're making it sound like that storm is going to be a wallgopper. I hope y'all make it through with electricity intact.

  3. I know...why are they scaring me so much?

  4. I too am preparing for Sandy (and while I love a good storm, I'm pissed it's threatening my Halloween decorations and plans plus the fear of losing electricity since my mom lives with us now and is dependent 24/7 on oxygen machine), but if she hits I will definitely chill with some horror stories! The Coup looks awesomely creepy, I will be checking it out!

  5. Storms always scare me, and I hope you do all right! I'm glad you have a good book to distract you at least a little bit. Be safe.