Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hair Day!!!

Today was color, trim, foil, highlight, stain, nip, tuck...whatever it takes to cover those pesky grays day! Whew! I am growing my hair long...I want a Katniss/Hunger Games braid...I want some bangs, too, but I am still pondering that one...we did do a teensy weensy side bang but it is sort of making me crazy...I would be better off with full bangs. Another hair issue I am having is that I am becoming slightly allergic to my hair stylist/counselor/colorist uses only organic color...which was good for a long time but lately it has been bothering me. Sigh! And I have a lot of get a braid I have to grow my hair really long...otherwise I just have a really thick short braid that is very unKatniss like. Double sigh!

Finished wonderful...a funny smart stylish dragon quest. Repeat...I loved this book!

Finished this...lovely lovely lovely book! A diner and its staff and customers...a sweetly told heartwarming novel...I will have a signed copy as a giveaway on Friday!
Stay tuned!

Reading this...I just can't wait...I loved the first book...and although I thought I was in the mood for mystery...I think I am more in the mood for fantasy!

Winner of my Jackson Keene Giveaway?
Ta is...Stephanie!


  1. I tried the side bang and couldn't do it and have been working on growing that hair out for a while. My problem is a stylist can make my hair look wonderful but I can never duplicate it.

    1. That is always the case...mine is stick smooth now but when I do it there are tons of fuzzies!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank's darker...the light made it look really reddish?

  3. I've been growing mine out, too; it is at that between stage...GRRR.

    I like the color of yours...

    I'll be reading An Order of Coffee and Tears's on Sparky.

  4. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog has left a new comment on your post "Hair Day!!!":

    Yeah! I feel so lucky that I won! Thanks! I love the hair color and hear you about the braid. I would love that too- but my hair is not long enough for a good braid.