Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday...It's Finally Friday! A Giveaway, Too!

Here is the weird thing...I only miss teaching when Friday rolls around...but that's because Friday was the last teaching day of the week...a teacher friend and I would forego our healthy salads and take turns zipping to Wendy's for lunch. We would chat during lunch rather than work. And we would sneak in a longer recess...I would come up with a really fun learning activity...or I would reverse our games...whatever! And then go home and promptly fall asleep before 8 o'clock!
If we had an event or dinner or anything on a Friday...I was a sleepy irritable mess!

Now I watch Den fall asleep before 8 o'clock! And I think that I love Friday even more because I am still seems as though going out to lunch on Friday or taking a mid day walk or sitting on the deck reading is so delicious! It really is and I am so thankful!


I read this lovely gem this was sort of a cozy mystery romance mean girl irritating about to retire detective nasty husband kind of book! All of this yummy activity took place in and around a diner! I loved it.

The author is providing a signed copy to a lucky commenter! That is all you have to do...comment! I will a winner on Wednesday!

Happy Friday!


  1. Happy Friday, Patty! Sounds and looks like a delicious book:)

  2. The book sounds like one I would enjoy.

    I love Fridays - well, after work is over. :)

  3. So what did you teach, & why don't you now? I'll bet you were awesome. Years ago I was a teacher's assistant; very similar to my chosen occupation as a vet tech. tech was easier...*lol*

  4. I have this one on Sparky...can't wait to read it! The great thing about retirement: Mondays AND Fridays are great....every day is great.

  5. What grade did you use to teach?

    I feel ya. I don't miss working but I miss my work friends.

  6. Okay. I'll bite. As if I don't have enough books...*shaking my head*

  7. This book sounds like fun! I always enjoy a good mystery.

    Your Friday at school seems like fun! We never make it out to lunch on Friday's because there isn't much nearby to eat quickly. We do try to make Fridays a bit more fun and we have parents in to play Scrabble every other month on a Friday. The kids love it and they are learning. Extra recess is always good too. I am exhausted every Friday!

  8. I hope it's international. The book sounds really interesting and the diner setting sounds cool!

  9. I like the idea of a the action centering around a cafe. Thanks for having the giveaway!

    dmr8888 at yahoo dot com