Monday, October 22, 2012

Day One...Staycation!

We weren't going to go anywhere yesterday...we were going to stay home and do yard work and get the house in laundry...but...we didn't. We went to The Whip for lunch...a neat old tavern with tons of different kinds of beers, a very horsey crowd...everyone pops in with boots and helmets and riding crops. The Whip has the best food in the middle of horse country. Den had Beef On Weck...I had a Ploughman's Lunch...half of which is in our refrigerator. We also had a Scotch Egg.

And that wasn't all for Staycation...Day One. After lunch we went to the MilkHouse...

and I got him...

and her...

And our day was not done yet! After the MilkHouse we were off to the orchard...for apples, apple cider doughnuts, veggies, goat petting and goat feeding. You have to wash your hands and have tons of quarters to buy corn...the goats know when you are by the corn machine and they wait for corn...they very gently take the kernels from your hands. Goats have very soft mouths.

The only sad family member was Lucy Grace...she stayed home while we were out playing. If we were in Maine...Lucy would be in her stroller with us all day long. She isn't really speaking to either one of us right I think she really wanted to go to Maine!

Plans are being made for Staycation...Day 2!


  1. Ugh! Those cider donuts again. You are killing me. I know, I know. It's not intentional and you send me gluten free stuff all the time but after not being able to eat the girl's bday cake, that I baked, I am feeling like a poor sport. Ha! I want a donut!

  2. I'm glad you got out because yard work and laundry doesn't sound like any staycation to me. What kind of beer did you drink?

  3. One of the apple farms here does cider donuts, but the cider wasn't strong in them. Those look better.

    You are making me want scotch eggs. I'm going to have to try making some, since our pub here that made them closed.

  4. Oh, what a wonderful day! I like exploring places like the ones you described. I am sure I would love The Whip. One of the suburban villages near here has lots of taverns and cowboy kinds of settings....

    That antique store looks good too!

    Poor always capture her moods so well.

  5. What's up with that egg? It looks like it's trapped in a hamburger! Lol...Those donuts sound delish...Aww...those cute goats, waiting for their corn...sweet...Sorry Lucy. Mommy and Daddy are really bad...*sigh*...Hee hee hee...

  6. It sounds like you had a fun and festive fall day. I love goats (especially miniature ones). Poor Lucy! Looks like you found some good finds.

  7. Hopefully, Lucy has forgiven your by now. I left Mush for a straight 3 days, and nights, even though I did pop in to feed her and spend an hour with her...since I was 'dog sitting' at my daughter's for the weekend!