Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bits And Bobs

Reading this...a brother and sister inherit a house...the brother is gay with a not so nice author friend...the sister and brother get along but not so much when the friend is around...I just started it but it's really good.

Staycation news? We stayed home yesterday and today but watched movies and caught up on some house stuff...I think we are going to drive to Rehobeth tomorrow...a beachy town not far from us...or Fenwick Island...another beachy place not far from us!

Now that it's midweek...I have a clearer idea of this staying at home thing...although it was the right thing to do for us now...I don't think I would do it again...Den is having way more fun than I am...I am always on a staycation! He is really loving every minute of it! Lucy and Patty? Not so much!
Oh well...

Live and learn!

Some very cool books came my way this week! I love surprises in the much.

Happy mid week day!


  1. Yeah, on our staycations, I usually get to cook, etc still so it's not much of a holiday.

  2. That is exactly what is happening here!

  3. Awwww yah :) I feel ya.
    Maybe you should demand more take out?

  4. I can imagine a staycation isn't as much fun for you and Lucy! The little day trips sound fun. Hope whatever you did you had a nice day. The books look fab. I am not sure which one I would start with- but boy do they look interesting.

  5. Den is having so much fun cause he finally gets to stay home for a while! Sorry, Miss Patty...hee hee hee. You and your chunky baby look sooo sweeet...Lucy looks like she's put on a few ounces...Ha ha ha....The beach? Now? Isn't a hurricane headed in that directions? Yikes! Somebody's not listening to their weather man...hmmm....Tee hee hee....

  6. Such great books...I should be reading more books. Cute photo of you (well partial photo)...and sweet little Lucy!

  7. Ha-ha...yes, the trouble with Staycations for the women: nothing much different from ordinary. Except your excursions sound like fun.

    The Good House looks good! I read another book by that author. And Things Remembered....enjoy!