Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday, Sunday!

Today involves...these...OMG...and they will dunk the doughnuts in chocolate if you want...obviously Den wanted...

It also involves a whole "lotta" this...

Important note...that is Pellegrino water in front of me not beer!

And one of us is enjoying the streaming sun in the sun room...she's in a basket of pillows!

I am almost done with this...

And antsy to start this...

Happy Sunday!


  1. Saturday's our football day and yesterday was none to good.

    I'd be with Den and have my doughnuts dunked in chocolate!

  2. ...a perfect Sunday, love those basket full of pillows, but even more, the 'kitty' in the basket. What a beautiful life for Miss Lucy!

  3. You and one other blogger posted about donuts in the same day. You are killing me.