Monday, September 10, 2012

Stuff I Bought In Golden, Colorado!

When we go to Colorado...we stay in's a great little mountain ish town...not far from Boulder and Littleton and Denver and Parker...where our family is.
We love the hotel...the town is sweet...great shops and walking trails...our favorite coffee shop...and we hit homemade cinnamon roll Friday! We love it!

It also gives us a vacation like feel...especially after spending some of our time with Den's dad at his assisted living...we sit and chat with him and his friends...we might have lunch with him...there are tons of activities...I stay in the big downstairs room...there are quite a few rooms but I love the one with the huge bird cage...I think I accidentally stole someone's wifi...and I clear email or blog or read. After that we escape to Golden and dinner or a walk...sometimes a drink...a much needed one!

Golden is filled with neat little shops filled stuff! I bought some cool stuff...of course!

I bought...a fish for Lucy...made out of recycled soda pop bottles!

Lucy also got a Denver Bronco scarf!

Patty got a handmade bracelet.

Patty got a scarf. I love this is soft and wide!

Patty got a felted pin. Excuse the tail.

Notice that Lucy loves her fish! She is holding it!

Just finished this...a little behind was translated from Dutch...intense and sad...a family in turmoil...a little bit reminiscent of Defending Jacob.

Reading this...don't you love this cover?

Off to tidy the house! If LG will let me!


  1. Cute pin with the addition of

    Love the look and sound of that town...reminds me of when I go up to Northern California to visit a friend in Nevada City. Quaint, fun stuff happening, wine tastings, gift shops, and AIR! Breathing happens there.

    Where I live, I can't go outside much, the air is so smoggy....Ugh.

    Glad you had fun!

  2. Patty, I remember from last year when you visited your father-in-law in Colorado, at the assisted living place. At least you got away on a short little trip, that's really great. Love the cute fish for Lucy, and love the pretty scarf and the other fun gifts for you!