Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pumpkin Pudding Or It's Pudding, Pumpkin!

Ok...it is the season for soupy things and stews and pumpkins. I had one Starbuck's pumpkinny drink only to realize I don't really like it! But I do love Green Mountain's pumpkin K-Cups...go figure!

And...we love pumpkin pie but hate the soggy bottom crust that I invariably produce...so much so that I think I want this...it's a Breville Pie Maker...from Williams -Sonoma. For some reason the idea of crisp little baby pies is more appealing than one massive soggy mama pie. It was on sale and I missed it so I am waiting for it to be on sale again!

Now...because we were totally craving anything pumpkin...I saw this...from a food blog called MamaLovesFood! This food blogger has the best slow cooker recipes...I made her recipe for Tortilla Soup and it was amazing.

Back to this pudding! It's really a can of pumpkin and a half of a can of sweetened condensed milk. MamaLovesFood used plain pumpkin and added vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and other pumpkin pie spices...I accidentally used the made for pie one and didn't add anything but the milk and it was amazing...you literally just whip it together and chill...I didn't even get out my electric mixer...I just made Den do...lol...

Oh...and because every once in a while I crave the Cool Whip of my childhood...we topped it with Cool Whip and crumbled Gingersnaps...OMG...you have to make this and check out Mama's blog!

Books...finished this...OMG...so good...I love a good mystery...short chapters...a dynamite story...a big book...loved this one...

Reading this now...yummy...

Take care!


  1. I must have that mini-pie maker! Wow - love that!

    1. It was on sale for one day for $49.95 and now it s $79.95...WS says it's regularly $179.95!

      I am waiting...

  2. That looks reeeally good!
    I want that pie maker too, such a neat contraption. I like the fact that you can make
    a small amount. When we have a pie here, it lasts for days and days.

    I was tempted by a pumpkin latte at 7-11 of all places but didn't have enough hands.
    I've been eyeing up the dog's pumpkin...perhaps I should make this pudding instead~

  3. I want one of those pie maker things too! I had no idea people loved pumpkin so much - pumpkin beers are flying off the shelves at the store.

    1. I love pumpkin ales...we always get them when we go to Maine!

  4. I love puddings....and pumpkin. I also love pumpkin pies, but always get mine from the neighborhood Marie Callender's...lazy me.

    Buried in Avenue B looks interesting...I also like short chapters. They keep me reading quickly.

  5. My mom got that pie maker and the cookbook they advertise with it. So far we've only tried one of the recipes, a breakfast one. But we still need to figure out the crust, because how she did it didn't work quite right.

    That pudding sounds good. Might have to try it sometime.