Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Etsy Time!

I love is generally filled with the most beautiful and unique handmade yummy lovely prices. I usually buy Lucy's toys from Etsy...they are handmade and always well done...using the best fabrics...and usually cat tested!
Yesterday I bought this...not for Lucy...for me...I love scarves this time of year! This one is from BluebirdsFlyBoutique. I even love the shop names

And sometimes I find the most amazing designers who make the kinds of clothes I love at really nice prices...I love this dress! This is from BlushFashion.

And this flowy top...from LeMuse.

All handmade...all lovely!

Lucy is going to be a carrot for carrot hat came from a shop called bitchknits...I apologize for that but it is the shop's name!

So...these are jst a few reasons why I love Etsy's quirky, a bit different and surprising!

Reading this...trying to work down my Vine books...this one is really good...another lively mystery!

Off to lunch!
Have a great day!


  1. Replies
    1. I can't wait to have a photo op with her!


  2. hahahah that cat! Love it and I love that name.

  3. Wow, the photo of the dress with the bicycle looks like a professional model. Do you do all your shopping online?

  4. Lucy has this look on her So, you've never seen a cat carrot before?

  5. Hope lunch was good. Lucy looks too cute! Love it! I especially love the top- it looks so loose and comfy. :) I need to wear more scarves- I am always cold in the fall and winter.