Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

I thought I was going to read this...

But instead I chose this...and after a few confusing pages...I am right back into Tris's dystopian world...and loving it!

Today is our anniversary! I expect a huge bunch of tea roses...white...just like my wedding day bouquet...and we are going out to a semi romantic dinner...wink wink!
Den took the day off so we could play...movies? aquarium? lawn mowing?
We thought about jumping on a train to NYC...for lunch and back again...we are that close but...that did not happen! We are too lazy...oh well. Plus Lucy didn't want us are not allowed on Amtrak...and Lucy loves celebrations! Here she is presenting us with her version of an anniversary gift...thank you, Lucy Grace!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I'm sure Lucy will want to take part in the celebration; so don't leave home, or at least don't go too far this time, heheh:)

  2. Happy Anniversary....Lucy does want to be part of everything, doesn't she?

  3. Happy anniversary! I love that you spent the day together. :)