Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Today is finally a normal sort of day...you would not believe how much laundry I have to still do...I am not completely unpacked...hmmm...maybe I am not as on top of things as I thought I was...

Oh well...

But we have fresh fruit and vegetables in the house. I made homemade chicken tortilla soup. I am less tired. Lucy is not screaming her little Tonkinese head off every time she does not see me. We have time to calm her down before our next family car trip and hotel stay! We are home until the three of us take off for Maine and the Berkshires in October!


Some new books that found their way to me...don't they look amazing? I mentioned this one yesterday...Florida in the sixties and a very feisty main character...I love it!

This mystery...with yet another feisty main character...

This one is described as " dark and moving...the story behind a young girl's suicide and those she left behind".

So...I am really into organizing and some fall clean up...and so happy to be home!

Have a great day out there!


  1. Isn't it amazing how many dirty clothes you end up with after a trip?

  2. Tortilla soup is probably one of my fave foods ever.

    What I hate, is that even the clean clothes somehow get tainted by the old clothes even if you put them in a bag or a separate compartment so then you have to wash every darn thing just to be safe.

    1. I know!

      I bagged dirty ones but I am still washing everything!


  3. Oh, yum, now I'm hungry for tortilla soup. Which reminds me of a movie by that name about a man and his daughters.

    I do not love the packing or the unpacking part of vacations...sigh.

    But you seem to be back on track, and already planning the next trip!

    1. Yep...sort of back on track...slowly!

  4. I think I lost a whole week of what's been happening with you...will be tracking back on your previous posts to see about your most recent getaway trip!
    'Miss Dreamsville' about Florida in the sixties?...sounds like a fun book!