Friday, September 21, 2012

Even More Randomness!

Finished this was so lovely, so sweet, and such a calm and relaxing reading experience...a summer stay with a great uncle on a lake in Ohio, friends, books, an old mystery that leads to a new adventure...lovely!

Still reading this and this...don't ask why...I hate two at a time reading with a passion...and both are dystopian sort of so my head is spinning and I am mixing up worlds and having freaky nightmares!

Lucy and I need a walk and a break...I really think I am reading too much...deciding between making Marcella Hazan's amazing pasta literally simmer two cans of tomatoes, some butter and an onion cut in half which you toss away later...the onion...not the's light and ever so yummy...

or using our Groupon to Kyoto...not far from us...we have saki chilling and we are hungry for miso soup, sushi and tempura veggies...but I am prepped and ready for pasta so...

However shall we decide?

Off to find more local apples and mums and pretty much local everything!
Oh my!


  1. I have made that sauce before. It's a staple in my house. I put in a dash of balsamic vinegar to make the tomatoes a bit sweeter. Love it.

    I really miss Tempura. There are plenty of things to eat in a Japanese restaurant that are gluten free but my two favorite sushi rolls are ruled out because of the tempura coating.

  2. Go out to eat tonight and make the sauce tomorrow.

  3. I heart mums and need some apples.
    That soup looks YUMMMY.
    And I'm off to check if that first book is on Audible.

  4. I think I'm going to eat in tonight, but go out for lunch tomorrow before seeing the new Clint Eastwood movie.

    But I do love pasta...yummy. That sauce looks good.

  5. Yep. I agree. You are reading way too much! Butter in tomato sauce?!? Ewww...yuck! Hee hee hee.....