Saturday, September 22, 2012

Almost One Week Later...

My flowers!

And the insides are a soft subtle pink and tons of buds aren't even open yet!

So over the two books at a time thing...into this Dystopian thriller!

Ok...I am obsessed with my slow cooker this week...and I must be in a hearty meat eating mood...Slow Cooker Barbecued Beef is slowly cooking was rubbed in brown sugar and pepper...then a sauce of molasses and spices and tomato paste and onion and garlic was poured on top. Yum!

We were supposed to go out to dinner but I just cancelled...there is just something so delightful about staying home...perhaps because we have been away and are off to Maine in a few weeks...but...I have always loved being home! Den is out and about laying down mulch...I am not mulching!

Tomorrow we are taking a road trip...about an hour a delightful farmer's market in a quaint little town called Emmaus.

Bad news...Den says Lucy has to stay home...she came the last time but he doesn't want to be "bothered" with her this time.

What do you mean I'm not going? Huh?

Poor little be continued...


  1. Flowers never last that long for me - what's your secret?

    It sounds like it's time for Lucy to get a brother or sister.

    1. I think that these must have been really fresh...I didn't even add anything to the water!

  2. Flowers and farmers market. Sounds perfect to me!

  3. Flowers still look fabulous! Love when they last and last. I also love staying home and being in my own space. It is so comforting. Have a fun night and enjoy the farmers market.

  4. Wow, those flowers do look awesome still.

    Poor Lucy....

    She has that look on her face as if she can change his mind, with a little help from

  5. Aww...Lucy would have looked so cute rolling through the market in her carriage..."Bad Dennis" LOL...

  6. Your roses are so gorgeous, even after one week. I love farmers' market, and we have most of them all year round. Too bad Lucy couldn't go...our farmers' market is so much fun with all the dogs meeting up, although I haven't seen any kitties there, Lucy is very unique to enjoy all the outside fun around people...well, her next outing may be in Maine?

  7. Wow, that Mystic City book look enchanting :)