Monday, August 20, 2012

Yummy Books...

Just look at these...aren't they lovely?
This one is about a girl, a Scottish island, and a battle between good and evil...kind of a ghostly witchy demony saga...sounds mystically good!

Thank you so much Devyn and Sapphire Star for sharing this book and some awesome others with me!
Amazon Vine was filled with lovely books last week! Too too tempting...I love that I am now really able to actually read two books at a long as one is on my IPad...this is such a big deal for me...I remain amazed with...well...with me!!!
I will always love very Englishy mysteries!

This one...a mysterious summer of discovery...secrets...and an old legend...yum!

Suspense? Secrets? A daring quest? I have such a fondness for books such as this one!

This one is described as "a tapestry of solitary souls coming together in the wake of cruelty and misfortune". Oh boy!

These are resting on my dining room table...waiting for me.
There is also laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, errands and dinner but...I know how to set my priorities!
What's waiting for you today?


  1. I was just reading about The Orchardist this morning - it's supposed to be fantastic! I'm dull - I got a handheld vacuum cleaner from Vine.

    1. You are not dull!!!

      I got bamboo cutting boards!

  2. These look tempting...and I haven't heard of any of them! Today I finally got my copy of Little Night...looking forward to it.

    1. Little I have to go look that one up!

  3. Oh my goodness....these all look FABULOUS.

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