Friday, August 10, 2012


I have read 102 books so far this year...but who's counting? am the one who is
This is what I have thought about...

I could sit on the deck and not read.
I could watch tv without a book in my hands.
I could get on a plane and just chat with Den.
I could go right to sleep without my iPad fading into black because I fell asleep while I was reading.
I could actually listen to Den when he calls from airports.
I could wake up and savor the moment instead of grasping for my book.
I could stop reading right now and not even feel a teensy bit guilty.'s the thing...I just can't.

Ever since my mom put that first pop up CandyLand book in my hand I have been addicted. And another book about the story the kittens wore mittens that turned into candy when the kittens wore them and they would nibble on them and get into trouble ...hmmm...cats, books, does this stuff imprint on us when we are that little?

I am incapable of stopping and now that I have time to read...I really really read!

I think that I read a lot because I can read while other things are going on...I can tune things out...but is that good or bad?

Ok...totally done with over analyzing my reading personality...but...100 books seemed like a celebratory number...somewhat like celebrating 100 days of school...or comparing it to someone I love and live with...not Lucy...who is starting book # 2...sorry, Den...

Any to buy the stuff to make carnitas for a proper homecoming for a boy starting book # 2!!!

What you don't see in this photo is...I am reading while she is trying to engage me!!!


  1. The Otter Pup knocks the book right out of my hands.

    I read a lot but I don't read for long periods of time. I can't. Not with two kids, a bossy pup and laundry piled up the ceiling. No, I have learned to be an efficient reader, reading quickly to get the gist of things and skimming to move things along.

    I am approaching the 50 book mark if you'd like to compare. You get the gold!

    1. I love comparing but that huge one you read by the Japanese author probably equals 10 of mine!!!

  2. 100 books is indeed something to celebrate. Little Lucy wants your attention!

    1. Cheers...I want a yummy ice cold beer to celebrate...a pale ale or something unique...

  3. Replies
    1. Ok...I am laughing so hard at the fact that you focused on the carnitas!

  4. I know what it feels like to be addicted to reading. None of my kids are! Two out of the four enjoy reading occasionally, but none of them have a book in hand as if it is another appendage.

    I think it's because, growing up, I didn't have all the devices, games, TV, etc. So I found a great and entertaining world in books.

    Now I do enjoy technology, but reading is my number one addiction.

    1. It's funny the way some of us are and some aren't!

  5. Congrats Patty - that is an impressive milestone!

    1. Thank you...not for you though!!!

      I can't even begin to compete with you!

  6. Yeah! That is awesome! You are a reading machine and I love it!! I love to read every chance I get. You have the time and you use it wisely. :)

  7. That is an impressive number of books! Good for you!!!! It's hard not to get lost in a good book and it's so easy to make excuses for why you're reading and not doing all of that other stuff. :) Need to go check out some of the 102 books you've read! I need some ideas.