Sunday, August 5, 2012

Not Much Going On...

Last night's lettuce wrapped hamburgers were so good!

Last night's Hot Fudge Pie...better than good...crispy at its edges and ooey gooey at is center...amazing!

Finished this book...I did not realize how much I would love it. It was that good.

Puss In Boots? Den and I sat and watched the entire movie in spite of ourselves...Lucy? Not so much. of these...still deciding...

Thanks for showing me this one, Ti!

Are you doing anything exciting today?

I actually don't want to do anything exciting today...we have a K.D.Lang concert, a trip to Colorado without Lucy, and a trip to Maine with Lucy...all doing nothing really suits me right now.


  1. Nothing exciting here. My movements are kind of restricted because of our dog's dementia. Who's going to take care of Lucy while you're gone?

    1. Her sitter...but she is lonely...

  2. I've had a lazy day...I even took a nap. Watched some movies, too. Now I'm looking for my grandson, who will be here for a sleepover for the next couple of days...yikes!

  3. Nope. I've just been lying around, watching the Olympics, in and out. I did start to do some sorting and throwing away old mail...boring!!!

  4. Have you started So L.A, yet? I have to really get on that one since I have a tour coming up!

  5. Really looking forward to Margaret Dilloway's latest -- I absolutely loved her first book! She's a really talented writer. Glad to hear it's great!