Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just A Laid Back Saturday...

It is so hot here today...and humid, too. We are trying to get the lawn cut...and weed...and get deck furniture back up on the deck...but some of this is just not going to happen...

Den dashed in twice because of thunder and rain...and I have totally given up...I am in to stay.

Lucy was on the deck for about a half an hour...when I brought her in she smelled icky...a wet fur now she is recovering from a nice bath.

I am not her favorite person right now.

She has to rest because Puss In Boots is on tonight...LG has a bit of a crush on Antonio
Lucy will watch at least ten minutes of this...she really will...

Reading is really good.

A glance outside tells me it's dark and gloomy again...
and still hot.

We are so happy to stay in tonight...I have already made an heirloom tomato salad and we are having these lettuce wrapped hamburgers that The Pioneer Woman invented.

Check them out!

Her hands...not mine!

Then we are blowing our no carb dinner by having this for dessert. It's from a blog called IslandEAT. It is called Hot Fudge Pie!

This blogger says that it's an old recipe from her grandmother...the story behind it is lovely...if you have time you should check out her blog...I love it!

I am off...stay cool!

Have a lovely week end!


  1. Our dog used to watch TV when animals were on so I totally believe Lucy watches it. Those burgers look delicious!!

    1. I do love The Pioneer Woman...

      And I think animals like tv, too!

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  3. Our cat December watches anything on Animal PLanet, she especially likes African animals...and I swear she understands what the cheetahs are talking about.

    I think I need those burgers! Gluten stuff hurts my tummy...

  4. Silly Lucy. My mom's Yorkie loves watching tv. He sees other dogs, or other animals and has to run up and bark at. them to scare them away.

    Our SoCal based In-N-Out chain has been doing lettuce wrapped hamburgers for years, especially when the low-no carb diet trend hit. If you ever are near one, you ask for protein-style (its on the not so secret menu).

    That pie looks really good.

    1. Love in and out...these were yummy...buns totally not necessary!

  5. It is hazy, hot, and humid here! Hope the indoors is cooler for you. The hamburger lettuce wraps looks yummy. I want one! Hope Lucy enjoys the movie. :)

    1. They were yummy...Lucy hated the movie...I loved

  6. It has been triple digits again here, but I had granddaughter Fiona for the weekend, and we enjoyed watching movies. Did go out to do some back-to-school shopping...she got some cute things. And a nice lunch of pasta. I brought home half of it for tomorrow!

    I love how Lucy likes Antonio Banderas.

    1. Your day sounded have such a nice relationship with her!!!

      I love leftover pasta...

  7. Replies
    1. I can't even tell you how good it was!

  8. I've seen and tried bunless burgers before. Fun! Healthy. Enjoy!