Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Am Savoring Saveur This Week!

Last night's chicken was simply marinated a cut up chicken in olive oil, garlic and fresh rosemary...a fresh squeeze of lemon and then just roast was delicious.

Tonight I am making this...from the same Saveur's a Southwestern Turkey's made with chilies and tomatoes and all sorts of other yummy flavors.
The topping is Ritz Crackers!
Oh my!

(Credit...Todd Coleman)

Finished this...really good...a cute son, a sort of mixed up dad and what can happen when you aren't really sure where your life should be directed.

Starting this...

I am feeling unenergetic and actually lazy today...I had to get up early for a garage door repairman and I feel sort of off of my schedule.

I want to grab someone and do something without a plan...a picnic, a surprise lunch date...anything that is random.

But no one is around...sigh!

Oh well...

Happy Thursday!

I guess I should pick a room and organize a closet or something...hmmm!


  1. Man, I wish I were closer - we could go to lunch and then shop!

    1. Or a movie...or anything...I need new buddies!


  2. I love meatloaf- and this looks so good to me. I am off my schedule, too! If only I lived closer we could do lunch. :) It is a perfect day to do something like that. Maybe go sit on the porch... :)

  3. Just finished Shine. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

    I love meat loaf. I found a good gluten free breadcrumb mix that I use for mine and when I need a crusty topping, like your Ritz topping, I use crushed up rice crackers. Not quite as tasty or salty. I usually have to season it up a bit.

  4. Wish I had that private jet I've mentioned

    My day is off, too, as I had to do some cleaning. And last night's dreams left me feeling grumpy.

    The chicken and meatloaf both look yummy.

    1. It's fun to chat but we do need a private jet for these emergencies!

  5. That chicken recipe sounds SO delicious. I'm gonna have to try it out. Yum!