Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ding! Dong! The Deck Is Back!

Through much hard work...Den...and much supervising...Patty...the deck is back together again!
This is the pond part...too bad it was way too hot to enjoy it today!

Lucy Grace watched our efforts with tons of enthusiasm! Yawn!

Happy Saturday!!!
Hurray for takeaway Chinese food and icy cold beer!


  1. It was actually a little cooler here today. I'm glad you've got your deck back.

    1. Me, too!!!

      This will be the third time we have carried the furniture up this summer!

  2. Yeah! So glad the porch is finally back together! Sorry it was too hot today- but it will be nice out again. :)

  3. It looks great! And I'm glad you have it back...Chinese food and beer sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  4. Patty, your deck looks so beautiful...comfy, cozy; love your deck furniture. I'm sure Lucy is grateful that you got the deck back, and she can enjoy her fun time out on the deck!
    Chinese take-out by us is truly a fabulous treat, from the 'mom and pop' take-out place...always so fresh and super delicious!
    Hope yours was as great, as well. Beer sounds great with Chinese take-out!
    Have a wonderful weekend!