Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cat Tricks!

I love animals but...I especially love kitties. I would love to rescue a kitten but I can not go near a shelter...I can't even look at the caged kitties in pet stores...I would be haunted by their faces...I am getting teary eyed just thinking about this. One of my flaws...

That's why we have a Tonkinese cat like Lucy Grace...she is spoiled, pampered, loved and treasured. When you choose a kitten you are really supposed to sit down with all of them and let them choose you. And they will. When we bought Lucy...we were in her family's living room with kittens everywhere...Lucy kept her eyes on me...circling, playing jumping...and finally resting with me...that was how I knew she was ours. She snuggled in my neck for the hour long car ride home and we've been tight ever since.

She loves Den, she melted for my mom, she will do anything to get my sister's attention and she seems to love babies and all of my girl friends. She likes what I like...she will eat yogurt and all fruits except citrus, she has dipped her paw into a cold cup of coffee...with cream...she carries around my jewelry...I have learned not to leave any sparkly things out...I once almost vacuumed up a diamond earring because she was playing with it. We wake up in the middle of the night with my hair ties strewn in our bed and once she spent a week carrying around a velvety sack of bracelets...did she think I needed them?

She has been loving, loud, loyal, demanding, inquisitive and mischievous from the moment we brought her home. When I open the door the first thing I see is Lucy down the hall to leap into my arms...a little bundle of purring love. It still tugs at my heart every time she does it.

Which brings me to my simply doesn't work to sort of just wave a toy around for Lucy Grace...she wants more. She wants a game plan, some sort of puzzle to solve and then action...lots and lots of action...and clever tricks from's what she has grown used to!

And there are times when I feel as though I don't remotely meet her expectations!
This is why our house is filled with kitty toys!

to the brim...

with kitty paraphernalia!

Holy Meow!!!


  1. I want to come back as one of your cats if reincarnation is real.

  2. Lucy is one lucky kitty. I loved hearing how you got her. It is true that the cat needs to pick the person. She picked you- so she must be smart! I love that she carries and plays with your jewelry.:)

  3. I'm with Kathy on the reincarnation thing....

  4. Lucy is so gorgeous! We recently got a female kitty to be a companion to our older male cat Riley. I want to rescue a kitty but realized that me in an animal shelter would probably result in a car full of animals on the way home, so I actually got our new fur baby off a Craigslist, from a shelter foster family. She's fitting in beautifully, although she recently discovered the joys of the toilet paper roll... hopefully she'll stay away from the jewelery! :)

    1. Kate...that is awesome that you did that...

  5. Seriously, I had so many things for my precious Prince, that he enjoyed, and loved so much...but since he passed away a few months ago, my other kitty Mush, does not seem to enjoy the same thing Prince liked. Lucy is a very special, and totally lucky kitty!

    Wouldn't even make sense for me to get toys, and special things for Mush...she would not be interested!

    1. I know what you mean...some kitties are players and some are not!