Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Books!!!'s the thing...I never read what I say or think I am going to read...I easily uninfluence myself!

My Kindle is loaded...books come in the mail...egalleys pop up...and as long as I have not started a book I intended to read next...I grab the most recent one!

There is no way for me to keep track of me!

I just read this...only because it looked tiny and I wanted to finish a Vine book quickly...and it took my breath away because it was so sweet and so delicious!

This morning I started this...

and it's so funny and so clever and the narrator even emailed me...I loved all of Lemony Snickett's books but this one is so great! Better than great! Clever mixed with funny mixed with unique! The writing style makes me laugh inside while I am reading will love this book!

And I am still reading good...

I have surprised myself with this new two books at a time reading style I have acquired...

I wonder what's next for

Hmmm...Lucy and I could listen together!


  1. I have Garden on my TBL.
    I hear it's adorable.
    I think Sarah Addison Allen recommended it.

    I'm envious about TT. SO cute.
    I hope it gets released on audio.

    1. The reader on audio for this book has to be perfect!

  2. Lucy would love audio! I think I might try The Templeton Twins next!

    1. Lucy is a very good listener...most of the time!

  3. I love that you surprise yourself! You might like audio! If you start- listen to Jim Dale read Harry Potter (amazing). I could recommend lots of MG books to you on audio because I listen to them while driving. :)

    I cannot wait to read The Templeton Twins. It sounds and looks fabulous. I love the cover!

  4. Audio??? Seriously? lol

    I think the Cathy Kelly book looks good...I've enjoyed some of hers....

  5. Gabby read or is reading the Templeton Twins...Lucy would most likely listen to an audio book, LOL, I wouldn't be surprised. Prince used to love 'animal planet' on TV!

  6. I have never gotten pass one audio book... it's like listening to bedtime story and I can't make myself awake till the end :)