Sunday, August 26, 2012

Book News!

Reading this...a family loaded with issues...a gay son, a divorce, a daughter's secrets...hmmm.

In the mail...more enticing books!

Raining buckets...I think the pond is filling up right now! These boys are waiting for it!

If I was still teaching...I would be ten minutes away from my the arrival of my students and inside recess! Pencils would be sharpening, someone would ask when is it lunch the day would begin...the long long long first day! But instead I am going to lunch with two ex teacher friends!

Happy Monday!


  1. So many good looking books! Enjoy your lunch!

  2. Blah...blah....blah...SHOW-OFF!!!! *rolling eyes*

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  4. Looks like some great book and the ducks look happy!

    I was at PD today. The first day with the kiddos is Thursday. Hopefully it won't rain here on the first day (I always feel bad for the kids when the first day means being cooped up all day). I hope your lunch was fun!

  5. I am not familiar with these...but they do look wonderful. And so does that pond....