Saturday, July 7, 2012

What I Like About You!

We are headed to another concert!

The Romantics? The Romantics!

I think that their most famous song is...What I Like About You!

But every single time I try to sing it for anyone...they are clueless.

It can't possibly be my singing...or can it?

We love the theatre where we have been seeing all of these groups...they change the seating for every performer. Tonight we are sitting downstairs at a two person high top table...we can sip cool drinks, order something to eat and watch everyone rock on...I am sure that there will be a good bit of dancing in the aisles for this one!

How are you spending this lovely warm Saturday?

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  1. I know that song! You need to get up and boogie!

  2. This just might be the concert to make me do it!!!

  3. I know that song! The concert sounds like it will be a blast and you will have a great spot to listen and enjoy. :) Have fun!!

  4. I am kind of excited about this one!!!

  5. I would have to hear the music to say whether or not I know it...concerts are the best, aren't they?